The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Sells 3.4M in Two Days

It may not be Modern Warfare, but Bethesda has a sizable hit on their hands that shouldn’t go unnoticed with Call of Duty stealing the sales chart spotlight.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is being reportedto have moved 3.4M units in two days. Though it’s not MW3′s 6.5M in 24 hours, it’s still a great statistic for the game, and the number puts it at a 600% increase over its last title, Oblivion, which sold 490K when it debuted a few years back.
59% of the games were sold on Xbox, 27% on PS3 and 14% on PC. Its current sales pace puts it ahead of Battlefield 3, though behind Call of Duty. But with the game being a high-investment, often quite complicated RPG, it’s really stunning to see it sell this well. That means even those who aren’t usually fans of the genre are diving in based on trailers, screenshots, but most importantly, friends’ word of mouth.
After “only” 20 hours of play, Skyrim is my leading contender for game of the year, and it would be great for the industry if its financial success could match the quality of the title, something that doesn’t always happen with great games. Hopefully this will motivate Bethesda to develop some fantastic DLC for the game, and it almost certainly means we’ll see The Elder Scrolls VI in a few years, probably on a next generation console. I shiver at the thought.
Alright, I’ve spent far too much time writing this post, and it’s distracted from my time killing dragons. Excuse me.
Via: Forbes
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