Fujitsu Will Be Offering Commercial Supercomputers

The PRIMEHPC FX10, Fujitu’s new commerical supercomputer, is scalable to over 20 petaflops. (Image: Fujitsu)
Fujitsu has partnered with RIKEN to build the “K Computer” – which is currently the world’s fastest supercomputer. Now Fujitsu has taken that expertise and applied it to a new enterprise – they’re offering a new commercial supercomputer.
The supercomputer, named PRIMEHPC FX10, will be available as of January, and its specifications are impressive. It’s theoretically scalable up to 23.2 petaflops, which is more than double the current performance of the K computer and ten times faster than the second fastest supercomputer in the world. The supercomputers is comprised of 1,024 racks, and each individual CPU in the supercomputer is comprised of a 16 cores. By themselves, each indivdual CPU is capable of processing 236.5 gigaflops.
The supercomputer’s applications include drug development, disaster planning and application, and other types of research that involve processing and analyzing huge quantities of data. I’d expect that it would be particularly productive when geared towards simulations, and the company mentions the possibility of using it to simulate a new device without the need to build a prototype.
Fujitsu expects to sell about 50 supercomputers over the course of the next three years.

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