Samsung Promises Galaxy Nexus Volume-Bug Fix

We're working on the problem, we'll get back to you soon.
That was the message from Samsung Electronics after reports that its hot new smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, had a somewhat unusual glitch: The volume control tends to have a mind of its own when operating on 2G networks in Europe.
Deliveries Frozen?
Announced last month and launched last week in the United Kingdom, the 4.65-inch, Super AMOLED touchscreen, 1.2-gigahertz dual processor Galaxy Nexus initially had a November U.S. release date via Verizon Wireless, but it has now been pushed off to December, Samsung told Business Insider.
Samsung U.K. released a statement via Twitter on Tuesday, saying: "Regarding the Galaxy Nexus, we are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible."
That statement is nearly identical to one given to the Web site Android Police by Google, whose Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, is the operating system powering the device.
Citing information from app developer and tech blogger Steve Troughton-Smith, Slashgear on Wednesday said at least one major retailer warned that Samsung has temporarily halted Nexus shipments while the manufacturer assesses whether the volume bug is a hardware or software problem.
The company handling public relations for South Korea-based Samsung in the United States had not replied to e-mail inquiries as of publication time.
The user forum XDA Developers has a long thread about the Nexus problem, informing participants that "Every Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset seems to be affected by this problem.
'Majority of users, however, are not reporting the problem due to not using 2G networks....2G networks working on GSM 900 are majority of Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East and large part of Asia. In U.K., the GSM 900 is used by O2, Vodafone, giffgaff, Tesco Mobile."
An online poll on the site found that, as of Wednesday afternoon (Eastern Time), 122 Nexus users had experienced the volume problem, 68 had not, 13 did not initially have it but do now and 9 had the problem before, but no longer do.
Potential Fallout
Is this a major problem for Samsung?
"The question is whether Samsung can resume shipments in time for holiday selling," said wireless analyst William Ho of Current Analysis. "Those who are set on a Nexus will likely wait unless the fix cannot be accommodated in buyers' time frames. The challenge is when competitors' products are available, Samsung has no immediate product." He was referring to the Galaxy Nexus only since Samsung has many other phone models.
Among the unique features of the Galaxy Nexus is a facial recognition application that allows users to unlock the device simply by smiling, without a password to remember. Touch To Beam uses near-field communication to allow users to share media, apps or information by holding two enabled devices together. It's also equipped for voice-input texting and Google+ social networking.
Source news.yahoo.com
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