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Adobe may no longer be prioritizing Flash on mobile devices, but it’s still building out quite a presence on Android smartphones. The company reaffirmed its position with the release of six new touch apps this week, starting with Adobe Photoshop Touch. CNN also added another Android app to its growing collection, while Any.DO made quite a splash with its new task management app. From creative design to personal money and file management, Android does it all with the help of a booming marketplace.

Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99)

Optimized for Android tablets, the new Adobe touch suite of apps ushers in the next generation of creative design tools. Adobe Photoshop Touch is built to work with finger gestures, letting you manage and manipulate photos and images. The selection tool works well with rough outlines drawn by your finger, and works its magic to select what you’re really after. The Refine Edge tool helps you drill down on soft-edged images to work in greater detail on a mobile device. The app supports images up to 1600x1600 pixels, with up 16 layers. Pull from your local storage, the tablet’s camera, Facebook, Google searches or your Adobe Creative Cloud. Other apps in the suite include Adobe Collage, Debut, Ideas, Kuler and Proto.

CNNMoney for Android Phones (Free)

CNNMoney has launched its first Android app, delivering the latest in finance, business and high-tech news. Dive deep into the stock market, setting up your own watch-list for companies of interest. You’ll get a detailed view of the week’s graph of prices, along with 52-week highs and lows, and the current volume of trades. With this free Android app you can also browse the market indices, commodities and bond rates. It seems CNN is raring to push its Money apps on Android’s platform, with a Google TV app available in the Market as well.

Any.DO: To Do List (Free)

There’s countless to-do apps available in the Android Market, but Any.DO promises simple elegance and collaboration to help you get things done. It also keeps you efficient with things like voice recognition integration to minimize typing on your Android handset. You can swipe tasks to mark them as complete, and shake your phone to clear the entire list. There’s Contacts integration to help you coordinate and collaborate with family and team members on things like grocery lists and work projects. Any.DO syncs with your Google account as well, so you have full visibility on tasks from your email.

Thrillist Rewards (Free)

Thrillist is known for its city-specific newsletters on the latest cocktail, club opening and sold-out concert. It’s great to see this resource moving further into the mobile realm with the Rewards app for discounted, limited-time offers for its readers. It’s a perfect match for its existingThrillist Android app, helping to make all those cool places it recommends a little more affordable for the average Joe. From the Thrillist Rewards app you can view details and purchase your deal, and redeem them with the in-app voucher. Deals (rewards) can be shared with friends, and as expected, you get credits for referrals.

PicsArt - Photo Studio (Free)

While Adobe Photoshop’s new Touch app is a full-service offering, it’s also pricey. PicsArt Photo Studio has photo editing for free, with features like image filters, stickers and text effects to add some quick and fun magic to your snapshots. There’s other effects like cartoon or vintage overlays, and you can get wild and creative with bushes for freehand editing. With all this fun, you can’t keep your touched-up photos to yourself. Share pictures through a number of services including Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Foursquare, Tumblr, Blogger and more.

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD (Free)

Personal media is a necessity these days, and mobile access isn’t enough. What about management? ZeroPC Cloud Navigator helps you take care of your cloud files across a number of services, including Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Google Docs, Picasa, Facebook and many more. You can browse and search for files, securely accessing and sharing content from a centralized app. This can be used to share content with friends or coworkers, and shared folders are made searchable as well. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator also has built in security to keep your files safe.

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