Vuzix To Show Off Smart Glasses At CES

Vuzix has announced that they will show off a new range of Smart Glasses at CES 2012 next week, which will feature integrated HD displays, using technology from Nokia.

Now after years of internal developments and our recent licensing relationship with Nokia Corporation SMART Glasses Technology is finally here. This amazing new technology starts with a compact display engine capable of hi contrast and brightness for outdoor use. The output is then relayed into a 1.4 mm thick plastic waveguide lens with input and output hologram structures on the surface which squeezes the light down the waveguide and then two dimensionally expands the image back into the user’s eye, creating an image that is then mixed into the real world. And, all this technology neatly fits into the temples & lenses of a conventional pair of eyewear!

Vuzix has also said that their new range of Smart Glasses are expected to be available commercially by the summer of 2012.

Source Vuzix

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