Epson brings out first-generation multimedia glasses, the Moverio BT-100

A brand better known for their printing and imaging technology, Epson is fast making its way into the portable entertainment media segment. Now, an official statement from the company confirms their first step into it. Epson has brought out the first-generation of their multimedia glasses, called Moverio BT-100, which they claim has been designed and built keeping the needs of those who travel frequently, and love having portable media on them during such travels. For this purpose, Epson's Moverio BT-100 allows the traveller to view images with a size of 320-inches, even from a distance of 20 metres. The display comes equipped with QHD display resolution, which Epson calls 'a quarter equal to full HD'. Epson claims that the Moverio BT-100 are a pair of see-through transparent, multimedia lenses, which allow users to not only watch their content with full privacy, but also be completely aware of their surroundings while doing so.
Also bundled-in with the pair of multimedia glasses, is an Android 2.2-enabled, pocket-size device, which allows for web browsing. Both used together will allow users to view various kinds of content like, MPEG 4 videos, files and other applications, adds Epson. Interestingly, the official statement also mentions that users can also watch 3D content, on-the-go using these multimedia glasses. The pocket-sized device has a host of dedicated buttons in place for the regular functions, as well as a touch-sensitive trackpad, further adds the statement.

Other features of the Moverio BT-100, include: Wi-Fi connectivity, control unit, detachable headphones, 4GB SD card, internal1GB memory and a carry case. Details about the pricing and availability of the Moverio BT-100 have not yet been revealed. 
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